Long Term Serviced Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions


What are long term serviced apartments?

A Serviced Apartment is much like a standard residential apartment with some key differences. A serviced apartment is a fully furnished, fully equipped, all inclusive apartment providing all the hotel like amenities and services. Typical services included are; housekeeping, 24hour help desk and room service whilst typical facilities included are; pool, beauty spa and a fully equipped gym.


What are the benefits of a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments have many benefits over a standard residential apartment. Serviced apartments  not only include hard furnishings but also soft furnishings. They also come with the utilities already in place meaning all you have to do is bring your luggage and move in without going through the time-consuming of connecting essential services like DEWA and Du.


How many cheques can I pay in?

The number of cheques does vary and is set by different providers. In some cases the total amount will need to be paid in one cheque whilst other providers offer a much more flexible payment option of up to 12 cheques.


Do serviced apartments come with soft furnishing and utensils?

Yes. Serviced apartments include all the furniture and also utensils. This means all you have to do is move in and enjoy the apartment from day one.


Are serviced apartments fitted with a fully equipped kitchen?

Yes. Long term serviced apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen with all the appliances you would find in a standard residential apartment.


What is the required deposit amount payable?

Yes. Whilst this amount is set by the provider and can at time vary the average rate in most cases is 5% of the total contract value.

What is included in a furnished apartment?

A typical furnished apartment will include all the furniture one would require to enjoy a comfortable stay. It also includes soft furnishings which includes items such as curtains, pillows and towels. As everyone’s tastes are different bringing your own furniture items is definitely acceptable.